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Absalom Jack
Annois Len
Boyd Arthur
Boyd Arthur (Mining Town)
Boyd David
Boyd Jamie
Boyd John
Berry Michael
Blackman Charles
Blackman Charles (more)
Carter Maurice
Cassab Judy
Cezanne Paul
Challis Liz (modern colourist)
Cochrane Frida
Counihan Noel
Crooke Ray
'Crosscurrents Tryptich Silk Screens Signed
Dobell William
Dobell William (The Thatchers)
Dunlap Brian
Ernst Max
German 1920's Erotica triptich
Eyre Gladstone (19~20 cent.)
Forrester 'Ngala' Janet
Frater William 'Jock'
Friend Donald
Gleeson James
Gruner Elioth
Hart Pro
Hodgkinson Frank
Kingston Peter
Kuo Graham
Lanceley Colin
Leach Jones Alun
Lindsay Norman
Marsh Dale
Matisse Henri
Miro Joan
Morgan Leigh (sculptor)
Napaljarri Nora(Central West WA)
Nolan Sidney
Nolti Henri
Nunccal Koonarang(S W Qld.)
O'Conner Ailsa
Oldfield Alan
Olsen John
Pengarte Reg (N.T. Artist)
Percival John
Preston Maragret
Rankin Dennis
Rees Lloyd
Renoir August
Ropar Dennis
Ngala Samantha Brown (Utopia NT)
Whiteley Brett
Woodward Margret
Other Oils
Other works
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